meet modern mama Kimi

mama: Kimi Juan-Caja
home right now: Manila, Philippines

what do you love about where you live right now? 

The best thing is that we're close to both our families, so we spend a lot of time with them. We also live in the tropics where it's sunny and warm  all year round.

Coffee or Tea? 

Neither. I love Golden Turmeric Milk!

If you could travel anywhere right now, where would it be? 

Bali. My husband and I love to travel to bali at least 3-4 times a year because we love the energy and the community. This will definitely be our first trip once everything settles down.

any food/cravings you are enjoying while pregnant? 

I am craving lots of Filipino delicacies like 'Mangga't bagoong' which is green mango and shrimp paste and 'Taho" which is soft sweet tofu with brown sugar and tapioca. I promise these don't sound great but they're really good!

any pregnancy rituals that you are incorporating into your daily life to nurture you and your buba? 

Everyday I always take a few minutes to be with my bub. She is very active and constantly moves around which is my favorite part of any day. I'll sing to her and touch my belly and make her feel I'm present, it's just the best feeling in the world.

who inspires you & why? 

My husband.  He's been the most understanding and supportive person and he really inspires me to become a better person.

your mum’s/nans best advice? (first that springs to mind!) 

Take things as they come. I've been a huge overthinker and it's been really tough to deal with during my pregnancy, so I really worry about things that haven't happened yet but my mom always told me to take things as they come, because mom's always know what to do, like instinct.

any family heirlooms that have/will be passed down to you? 

My mom has given a lot of her and my grandmother's jewelry, which I hope to give to my daughter one day for her to pass down to her daughter.

family rituals you & your partner have created in your daily life? 

We always take time in our day (usually before we sleep), to talk to the baby and let her hear our voices. We have her listen to music and then we fall asleep together.

can’t leave the house without? 

my phone!

the perfect Sunday morning entails?

We have a strict rule to never work on sundays. We lay in bed, eat breakfast, watch our worship. I water the plants and he unwinds in his own way. Our sundays are relaxed, and then we see our families.

what does a ‘modern mama’ mean to you?  

A modern mama to me is someone who is more thoughtful, not just of the process or the baby on the way, but of the impact we have in an environmental aspect. I see a modern mama as someone who goes out of her way to teach her babies about the world and instill a new set of values that respects the earth and our impact.

We caught up with Kimi after she had her beautiful daughter and asked her..

what did you not expect becoming a parent?

I didn't expect the amount of love I would feel everyday when looking at my little girl, it's unmeasurable!

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