meet modern mama Linnéa

mama: Linnéa 

kids: Vega 6 month and Hanse 6 year (as we call it in swedish) my bonus son

home right now: Stockholm, Sweden

photographer (above): Ulrika Nihlén @billie_and_i

tell us a little bit about your family and where ‘home’ is right now? 

Since the pandemic hit us I guess our baby bubble just became even smaller than we thought.  We spend a lot of time at home, cooking food, baking, trying new pickles and drinking natural wine. Playing in the forest and playgrounds that surround us. Buying a lot of coffee and pastry, and sitting outside in the snow!

what do you love about where you live?

The changing of the seasons! We can go for a swim in the same lake as we can go ice skating. Now that I’ve had a child I’m really excited about the free health care system. Sweden being an old socialist society, it costs us 12€ to give birth to our baby Vega, and that was for my fiancées meals too! I mean, how can you not love that?! And it’s the same for ALL citizens. 

where did your buba’s name come from?

It just came to me! And my fiancé loved it. It doesn’t sound too soft or romantic like many girls name does. 

Funny facts! Vega is a star and a famous club in Copenhagen, that's cute since my hubby lived and studied there. Actually both Vega and Hanse are two sailing boat brands, that was not intentional though. 

tell us about your profession and your journey to get there?

Being brought up with two artist parents I had this thing for drawing and creating. I went to different art schools, but I didn’t want to have the same life as them. I wanted a real job and a salary! So I found my way into the advertising business. Working as an Art Director I get to do a lot of films, photo shoots, graphic design, digital work, a little bit of everything.

we speak of bon bola being a tool to ‘connect’ with your buba beginning from their time in the womb. While you were pregnant do you recall special memories of connection with your daughter you enjoyed doing?

Going for a swim! Feeling like we were both in the water. We needed Vega to turn in the belly so it also felt right to move around in the water. 

how do you like to ‘connect’ with your daughter now?

Tricky question. Feels like we get to know each other more and more everyday. Want it to be natural, no push. Let it take time. 

do you have any family rituals or traditions within your daily life that you’d wish to share?

We think it’s important to have dinner together. Maybe an obvious thing. But we believe it’s important. Since my hubby is a chef, he cooks the loveliest meals. Lucky us!

who inspires you?

Wow! As a mother I would say every other parent, how do you manage!?!? No but seriously my sister, Petra Gardefjord. She has the prettiest instagram < @petragardefjord >, owning three companies and having three lovely kids. Only doing what she wants and she started from scratch, like zero. How cool? 

your mama's best advice? (first that springs to mind!)

My mother told me to be gentle and just follow the baby. I think that’s very nice, almost poetic. 

favorite flower?

Love all of them! Wild. Super expensive. Supermarket cheap. In sweden we have a cute one called Linnéa ;)

how do you like to spend your Sunday morning?

Alone with coffee in bed! 

favorite book you are reading to your wee one now?

Hanse loves very heavy sciences, dinosaurs and history books. 

can’t leave the house without?

No perfume, no parben- lipbalm!

if there is one thing you could share with your own daughter that you wished you’d known about becoming a parent, what would it be?

Is there any advice?! I think you’ll have to figure it out on your own and not listen to much at other peoples advice or comments. If Vega would become  a mother I'll hope I’m just there, listening to her.  

what does a ‘modern mama’ mean to you? 

A feminist, a anti-racist, and a mama aware of the environment. 

anything else you wish to add?

Be nice to yourself!

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