meet modern mama Stella

mama: Stella

where did your name come from: My mom named me after her English teacher. The instructor who helped her refresh her English once she moved to America was named Stella

child(ren): Noah 5, Liam 1.

home: Los Angeles, CA

tell us about your family & a little about your family’s background?

I am surrounded by male energy. It’s my husband, sons Noah and Liam, and then my boy fur babies Kohl and Taj. My husband and I are both born and raised in Southern California. My heritage is from Bangladesh and my husband’s roots are from Panama. Our kids live in a melting pot of traditions, music, and amazing cuisine.

what do you love about where you live?

Our home is nestled in the hills in Los Angeles. Although we live in the middle of the city, it feels like a secluded getaway amongst a lot of trees and greenery which is so refreshing to be around.


what values did your grandmother ingrain in you about the preciousness of heirloom pieces?

Heirlooms tell your story and the stories of those before you. They play a big role in honouring who we are and where we came from. 

we love the phrase “effortlessly accessorised” as used to describe the Haati Chai modern woman. What are your staple jewellery items?

My staple pieces are my layered necklaces. I like to have a few on at a time. I always wear my Anna Coin Pendant with my chains -- it’s a piece that was designed after my grandmother.

how do you practice self-love regularly?

Self-love is so important to me. I make sure to give myself around an hour a day to do something for myself -- it could be sipping tea alone, making time to stretch and workout, reading a book, taking a long bath, or just taking a midday break to go take a nap.

how has your focus and values evolved since becoming a mama?

My values are at the core of everything I do. If something is not serving me I recenter to make sure I work with purpose in mind.

your mum/nan/gran’s best advice? (first that springs to mind!)

Life is too short so be patient and do what works the best for you.

we speak of bon bola being a tool to ‘connect’ with your buba beginning from their time in the womb. While you were pregnant do you recall special memories of connection with your children you enjoyed doing?

I took long baths while pregnant. Although solo in a sense I remember feeling the babies move around and relax when the bath would get warm. Once each of the boys were born I took them in the bath with me and when crying or upset the familiar sound of the water paired with the warm temperature would immediately soothe them

how do you like to ‘connect’ with your children now?

We love nature. Lately I grab the boys and go for long walks in nature.

can’t leave the house without?

Water, Jewelry, and some lipgloss.

you have an art in storytelling through design – what stories are your children enjoying hearing currently?

We love classics. Bernstein Bears are our go to every night.


do you have any family rituals or traditions within your daily life that you’d wish to share?

This is really simple but I love that it is so -- we love gardening together. It’s a time to bond and be in nature.

favorite flower?


how do you like to spend your Sunday mornings?

Slow and intentional is key. We wake up, open up the blinds to let the light pour in, blast music and take our time getting ready as a family. Sometimes ready means just putting on another pair of PJs -- but they key is to wear something we decided would make us feel good. Then we head downstairs to fix a long breakfast and enjoy it together as a family. After that if the weather is lovely the whole family (pups included of course) head for a long walk through the neighborhood. The rest of the day is not planned. We generally lounge around, play games, watch a movie, or read books.

what does a ‘modern mama’ mean to you?

Modern mama is understanding that we have to take time to ourselves to be fully there for our little ones. For some of us this may mean to maintain a specific career, it could mean to get more sleep daily, or even just taking a dance class to feel comfortable with movement and in our bodies.

three words you’d want your children to remember you by?

Loving, passionate, dreamer.

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