meet our modern mamma - Tash

mamma: Natasha Kelly/Tash

photographer: Amelia Fullarton

kid(s): Taki, 4 years & Sana, 2 years

home (currently): Brunswick Heads, NSW

where did your bubba’s names come from?

Taki is a unisex Japanese name meaning “plunging waterfall” and Sana means “radiant one” in Arabic.

what do you love about where you live?

I love how tight and involved our community is, the beautiful river spots, the stores and cafes owned by locals and that it’s perfectly nestled in between the best bush walks, campgrounds and national parks.

what do you do professionally and tell us about your journey to get there ?

I’m an Early Childhood Teacher. After finishing High School I studied a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Birth to twelve years) in Sydney. I graduated in 2009 and went straight into teaching in childcare for 6 years before taking a 4 year break to have Taki & Sana. In 2018 I went back to teaching for just two days a week so I could still focus on being with my kids. I also have a tiny side business - The Bits Box - where I use my understandings and experience as an Early Childhood Educator, to curate craft boxes for kids and deliver them to their homes @the_bitsbox

who inspires you?

My parents, for sure. Their everlasting dedication, love and support is what helps me appreciate the life I had and the opportunities I can give my own children.

 your mum/nan/gran’s best advice? (first that springs to mind!)

to remember all the things about life with my children because the days slip away too quickly!

a life lesson you wish to share with your bubba?

Being kind is so important. Caring for the people you love and the things you do will help you to be happy and live a life that is meaningful to you.

favourite flower?

Paper daisies.

can’t leave the house without?

My sunnies!

favourite local holiday spot?

Minnie Water, NSW

the perfect Sunday morning entails?

A slow wake up and brekkie, a play at the beach or a bush walk, reading while the kids sleep, an arvo family movie and an early dinner and bed time!

in 3 words how would you want your bubbas to remember you by?

Nurturing, present, supportive.

what does a ‘modern mamma’ to you mean?

To me, I see the modern mama as being informed and thoughtful. She considers things like environmental impact, ways to support small things in big ways, and allowing her children insight into the world in ways that will shape the people they’ll eventually become.

how do you like to connect with your wee one(s)?

I just like giving them time where we can do the very very simple things like have a beautiful big chat first thing in the morning without any distractions, or going for a walk together to explore, and just asking them questions and answering theirs. I find that the most amazing times I spend with my children don’t involve any toys, just chats (and also, books)!

if you could tell your kids one thing you wished you’d known about having a baby?

I think one thing I’d like for them to know is that being a parent is a process of adjusting.  You’re continuously navigating that ever revolving door of change- be it sleep, developmental phases, behaviour, eating- there are only passing moments where something that you do works, until it doesn’t anymore- because that’s what growth is. They grow and we grow with them, and in turn we accept that we’re not superheroes and we don’t know everything. When we acknowledge that, we can value ourselves as parents.



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