meet our modern mamma - Jenn

mamma: Jenn Magofña

photographer: Catherine Abegg

bubba: 1, 3 year old

home (currently): Seattle, United States

tell us a little about yourself, including something most people wouldn’t know?

I’m the Community Manager for Sendle, I currently live in West Seattle with my family. We have one baby (toddler? big kid?) who just turned 3! He’s such an adventure and watching him grow into the person he is/is the most amazing thing. I love reading (currently reading The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett), dumplings (all forms of dumplings), and celebrity gossip (I’ve been a loyal Lainey Gossip reader for over 10 years).

you are the Community Manager for Sendle (courier service) tell us about your professional journey to get there?

My professional experience has been varied but over the last few years I have really focused on the customer experience, which really means connecting with people and trying to provide the best service possible. I LOVE meeting small business owners and hearing their stories. I meet so many people who are making their dreams come true through their small business and that’s so inspiring (and also dangerous for my wallet!).

Sendle is BCorp certified, 100% carbon neutral & committed to been a sustainable business. Has this always been part of the business strategy?

Yes! This is one of the things that I love most about Sendle, we have been a certified BCorp and 100% carbon neutral since day 1.

we are chatting during a global pandemic. What are the challenges as a parent you have found & how may you have managed to overcome them?

It’s such an overwhelming time, the uncertainty of everything feels very complicated and stressful. I’m finding solace in taking things day by day. We’re creating new routines and rituals - we used to go out for breakfast every Saturday morning, now we make something together every Saturday morning. Little changes that are making things manageable. Also, taking the time to properly grieve and feel has been so important.

can’t leave the house without?

Earrings! I almost always have on a pair of gold hoops.

the perfect Sunday morning entails?

coffee, pastries, more coffee

in the busy world we may find ourselves do you like to connect with your wee one(s)?

listening, making space, taking the time to just “be” without plans or expectations. Also, baby shark on repeat *face*palm*

we are thrilled to partner with Sendle for all our Australian domestic orders. Delivering bon bola mamma to mamma 100% carbon neutral.



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