meet our modern mamma - Emma


KID(S): Cedar,4 and Autumn, 2

WHERE IS HOME RIGHT NOW: On our sailboat currently on Fraser Island

where did your bubba’s names come from?

My partner Guy came up with Cedar, It wasn’t my top pick originally but now I am so so glad we went with it.

And Autumn was literally the only name we could think of for a girl the second time. We picked it while we were travelling in our bus down the East Coast.

what do you love about where you live?

The ever changing scenery, adventure and freedom!

who inspires you?

My partner Guy. He has always lived life to its fullest and taken the road less travelled. It’s what attracted me to him in the first place. He always inspires me to step out of my comfort zone and do what I want to do in this lifetime.

your mum’s best advice? (first that springs to mind!)

“if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all”

greatest life lesson taught from your nan/gran?

Cooking skills!

favourite flower?

Australian natives.

can’t leave the house without?

My water bottle.

favourite local holiday spot?

Sandon River.

the perfect Sunday morning entails?

An early morning family walk along the break wall with a coffee in hand. Watching the surfers and whales breaching in the distance. A swim and play in the sun then back home for a yummy platter lunch and naps!

in 3 words how would you want your bubbas to remember you by?

Loving, happy, fun.

what does a ‘modern mamma’ to you mean?

Informed but intuitive. Inspired and content. Not bothered by societies standards and strange life rules. Free.

if you could tell your kids one thing you wished you’d known about having a baby?

Honestly I went into motherhood totally blind but followed my intuition and I think it was the best way! I didn’t even know you had to wake them up to feed them! I learnt that on day 2! Learn as you go. Make mistakes and follow your heart.

how do you like to connect with your wee one(s)?

Getting down on their level and really talking to them , looking in their eye. I really praise all the good things they do, it makes them feel so great and in turn continue to do great!

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