bon bola the heirloom necklace, is a contemporary take on a classic tradition, steeped in ancient mama wisdom.

The tradition of pregnant women wearing 'bola/'Angel Caller' necklaces dates back centuries ago, believed to originate from women of Indonesian and Mayan descent. Pregnant women wore a long necklace with a hanging pendant 'bola' resting on their bump, that emits a delicate, jingling sound. It is believed the chime can be heard inside the womb from about 18 weeks, when the buba develops a sense of hearing. 

The presence of the familiar chime is believed to comfort & sooth the buba as it grows. After birth, the soothing, jingling, sound of the mama’s ‘bola’ necklace continues to help the buba & mama feel calm and content; nurturing the maternal bond that began from the time in the womb.

Bola necklaces are also sometimes called “Llamador de Angeles” (the Angel Caller), as they are also said to summon the guardian angels of their wearers, protecting their bubas within the womb and watching over them. 

Please note the origins of the bola/harmony/angel caller necklace can be found in many cultures across the globe. I only wish to share this maternal tradition for the love and joy I received while wearing the necklace. Love Sez x