Care for your me as you would with your child, with love & tenderness and I’ll be yours to treasure forever.

bon bola

Your bon bola is made from sterling silver, a natural progression of the life of silver is tarnishing & discolouration due to oxidation when metal is in contact with air, moisture & acids.

To prolong the life of your bon bola & ensure it can be handed down to the next generation of mamas we recommend the following care guidelines.

  • wear your bon bola, the oils in your skin help reduce tarnishing 
  • we all love swimming but please remove your bon bola when in water – salt & chlorine especially!
  • keep your bon bola away from humidity, steam and chemicals. Remove when doing chores that involve chemicals
  • be delicate with your bon bola as you would to your child. If your chain gets bent it is unrepairable, so please keep this piece flat when not worn.
  • when worn long, the chain can have a tendency to get caught so we would recommend removing before exercise, sleeping or rigorous movement, for this we'd also recommend removing in the bedroom too :)
  • avoid contact with cosmetics, hair products and perfume – mama you are beautiful as you are!
  • for any reason you should not be wearing your bon bola, store it in your bon bola pouch provided and in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.
  • only ever clean your silver with your clean soft polishing cloth provided & never use silver polish or metal cleaners. Sterling silver jewellery is best cleaned by a professional, visit a local jeweller for a recommendation
  • If you have any other questions please email us & we’d be more than happy to help you out

each bon bola is handmade by silversmiths in India, so each bon bola is unique to the mama who wears it. There may be meniscal variances between each necklace..a celebration that we are all unique in our own authentic way.