Why is a bon bola for the 'modern mamma?'

Bottom line - connection! We live in a busy world, a busy time..we could all benefit from more connection in life. To have the ability to connect with your baby before they even come out of the womb is a once in a lifetime opportunity! To know they can hear the soothing sounds of the soft chimes of the bon bola from 16 weeks in the womb and then to hear this familiar sound on the outside while they lie on your chest, feed from your chest..it is really a timeless keepsake that every mamma must have.


Where does ‘bon bola’ the name come from?

Bola is the name of ‘ball’ in Spanish. It is believed the bola necklaces originate from Mayan decent, women living in this part of the world wore ‘bola necklaces’ while pregnant dating back to centuries ago. The tradition of wearing a long necklace that has chimes to sooth a baby in the womb is nothing new, the design has just be revised for the modern mamma. The word 'Bon' comes from bon bola founder Sarah's first born daughter - Bonnie, aka Bon Bon.

Why source offshore to make bon bola?

Traditionally a bola necklace is made from silver so keeping with tradition, to make a product from silver we went to Japiur in India as it's the third largest fabricator of silver jewellery and well known for using recycled silver as opposed to virgin raw materials.

As India also has one of the highest rates of children unable to attend schools due to poverty, it seemed fitting that proceeds from each bon bola purchased would go back to the communities where it is being made to fund children to attend school who may not be attending otherwise. In addition, by employing people in India to make bon bola we are also supporting working parents to help fund their families.

How is bon bola using profit to educate children in rural communities?? 

At the end of the year we will calculate how much profit was made as a business and donate 50% of profit to XX foundation which uses donations/funds for school fees to enable children to attend school that may have gone without due to their families not been able to pay for education.


What is bon bola made from?

bon bola is made up of 92.5% recycled sterling silver and 7.5 % is alloy which by definition is 100% sterling silver. 

How do I know I am buying quality?

We have sourced the highest quality manufacturers of silver making in the silver capital of India. Each step from design to delivery uses the highest quality of services, using the most sustainable and ethical methods and material with no without compromise on quality and design, to ensure each necklace can be worn with nothing but love.

Where is your packaging made?

We source our card and print with a local supplier in Australia just located 2 hour drive from where bon bola is designed.


When should you wear the 'bon bola'?

It is said that a baby within the womb can hear from 16 weeks. If the mammas wants to wear it earlier or later this is fine too but it is important to wear while pregnant so once the baby is out the familiar sounds from the chimes in bon bola can be used to sooth and calm the baby.

How should you wear it once your baby is out of the womb?

You can shorten the chain by looping it over and let it hang above your chest where you will most likely find your baby will enjoy clasping for it while/if breastfeed or lying close to you.

What is the vision for bon bola?

One where every child throughout the world has the access and ability to attend education. Bon bola is just tackling it one child at a time with the help of your purchase!

Who is the ‘modern mamma’ as described in bon bola motto?

Today a modern mamma is anything she desires – if she wishes to be a stay at home mum, or a 9 – 5 mum or a mum weaing many hats she is able to! Today’s mammas are flexible, adaptive, resourceful all while raising little beautiful people. The modern mamma is fortunate that she does not have to confine to anyone role or traditional at that. The bon bola is designed to be worn by the modern mamma as the pendant is simple and elegant in design; bon bola can be worn with any attire, worn while achieving anything - without taking the attention from the real hero - the mamma herself. On the contrary - unfortunately in some parts of the world women are still not given access to the choice that the western women may have. We feel by educating all children we can change the way segregation has happened in the world and enable every mamma to be a modern mamma choosing her own narrative.