10% of profits to healthcare for mamas


we will donate 10% of profits from your bon bola purchase to healthcare for mamas & their bubas in remote communities.

we believe in business as a tool for good..meaning we have the opportunity to make positive impact on social issues we feel passionate about.

At the heart of why bon bola exists, is the wellbeing of mamas & their bubas, which is why we feel it is our responsibility to support mamas & their families in the remote communities from where the 'bola' necklace are believed to originate from.


Through our monetary and non monetary support we will help fund SurfAids healthcare programs that are operating in conjunction with the local governments in remote communities located across Indonesia, Mexico and the Pacific. Resources include training for midwives, prenatal and postnatal care, medical staff and healthcare professionals as well as SurfAid staff on the groundto help the health and well-being for mothers and their families. To learn more or donate visit https://surfaid.org