our story

bon bola is designed & founded by mama of 2, Sarah (Sez, Blom) Blomkamp. After wearing her own 'bola' necklace with her first born, she wanted to share the joy & connection she had with other mamas across the globe.

bon bola was designed as a contemporary, sustainable, heirloom necklace to be embraced by the modern mama-to-be to nurture her buba.


Dear mama,

The journey of bon bola began many years ago when I was pregnant with my firstborn child and was gifted a ‘bola’ necklace.

My bola gave me a sense of comfort and connection during this profound period, which stemmed from the knowledge its soothing sounds could help to nurture my little one. I loved knowing I was carrying on a tradition believed to be ingrained in the wisdom of mamas before us.

Since then, I have always wished to be able to share bon bola with mamas just like you. 

I still wear my bon bola necklace every day, for its comforting chimes still delight my children wherever we are. I hope your family will enjoy it as much as we do.

With love



bon bola founder & designer