bon bola was designed & founded on the brands values of

connection, quality, transparency, respect & sustainability & will guide every stage of the bon bola journey



bon bola was created as a business invested in the well-being of mamas & bubas, it is the heart and soul of why bon bola exists. ‘Connection’ is embedded at every stage of our journey; connection to mama earth, to our communities, to our mamas & to our bubas. bon bola pays homage to the wisdom of mamas before us, worn by modern mamas & handed down to our future mamas - we are all connected. 


bon bola is made to be a timeless heirloom to be passed down to the next generation of mamas, so quality is of utmost importance to us.  Our bon bola pendants are handcrafted using 100% recycled sterling silver, robust in material & sturdy in nature - made to last. The chain is also made from sterling silver, sourced responsibly from India. bon bola is handmade by skilled karigars in India who pride themselves in precision and quality. Our boxes are made locally in Australia manufactured from 100% recyclable materials. Should you not be wearing your bon bola, keep it in your box to care for it or to hand down along with your necklace to the next generations of mamas. We will only ever work with suppliers who pride themselves on quality and we too will honour all our suppliers, partners, customers & wider bon bola family, not with just a quality product, but quality from all areas of our business. 


We’ve set out to create an environment that facilitates transparency, understanding and respect for the people who make bon bola and those in our wider bon bola family. We have entire transparency with our supply journey from creation to distribution and are always open to share this with all.


respect for our mama earth 

Energy Partner: bon bola's home is powered by local social enterprise energy provider, Enova - for the company's vested interest and contributions to sustainable energy.

Solar: We have invested in 6.5 KW solar panels to generate energy at bon bola’s home in the Northern Rivers of NSW.

Water: We installed a 10,000-litre water tank to catch and use rainwater 

No plastics: Our packaging is sent to you plastic free

Mailer Bags: Our padded mailer bags are 100% compostable and or reusable, provided the address label is removed first. It is made from renewable plants – no plastics!

Recycled materials: We use recycled sterling silver to handcraft bon bola's pendants & are working with our suppliers to make bon bola entirely out of recycled sterling silver. Our goal is to produce bon bola from 100% recycled materials by the end of 2021.

Delivery: bon bola is sent to all bon bola customers via Australia post  – via 100% carbon neutral delivery.

respect for our communities that make bon bola

we donate $2 from each bon bola purchased to not-for-profit organisation Round Table India that helps build schools. With donations and funding, Round Table India works to build infrastructure for deserving and credible Schools. Our supplier in India speaks directly with this organisation to ensure the donations are in good worthy hands. For more info or ways to donate check out

respect for our indigenous mamas

we have partnered with SurfAid to donate a portion of our profits to help fund and improve healthcare for pregnant mamas and their families in the remote communities of Indonesia and Mexico, where the 'bola/harmony' necklaces are believed to originate from. For more info or ways to donate check out

respect for women, respect for all

bon bola is created by a mama in Australia, in collaboration with a mama in India & designed for mamas across the globe. We are conscious who we choose to work, play & partner with, ensuring to respect diversity & inclusion along the entire bon bola journey. 


We measure sustainability at every stage of the bon bola journey, from design to craft to deliver, here’s how -

Circular Economy: bon bola is working toward a circular economy and our goal is to one day use no virgin materials in our packaging and product! We will support our supply chain toward this goal.

buy once, consume less: bon bola is designed to be a timeless heirloom to be handed down to the next generation of mamas. Made from sterling silver to last your lifetime & the next mamas if cared for properly. the box & pouch your bon bola necklace is packaged in is intended to be a keepsake.

Giving back: We will always donate a portion of profits to not-for-profit partners that support the communities from where bon bola is made.

Sustainable relationships/artisans: We work directly with an established jewellery designer in India who manages the relationship with our silversmiths in Jaipur. All our karigars (Hindu word for craftsmen) are paid a wage according to their skill & grade, are covered with Employees State Insurance (ESI) to get free health treatment in government ESI hospitals. During the main festive season, our workshops close for a week.

Regular check-ins (post-travel restrictions) will ensure our bon bola family in India are looked after. We are currently looking to put on monthly lunches for our family of workers who work on bon bola and working toward a scholarship program to support children’s school fees through a staff promotion – TBC due to COVID restrictions

we are always open to hearing how we can improve. please feel free to contact us to share ideas on how we can work toward a circular economy.